Bye Bye Harvey

Bye bye Harvey. Hey, don’t let the door hit you.

Move mogul Harvey Weinstein was sentenced this morning to 23 years in prison for sexual assaults upon two women. Many women have accused Harvey Weinstein of deviant sexual behavior, but this case involved just two of these women.

Naturally, Harvey’s lawyer is outraged. She said the trial was unfair and she will appeal the harsh sentence. Of course, but what most people don’t know is that appeals are for procedural processes only. This is a big statement that almost always amounts to nothing but talk. There are not do-overs in court unless it is proven council was ineffective or the judge was on the take.

The strangest comment in this case came from Harvey himself after sentencing. “I feel remorse for all of the men who are going through this fight.”


Remorse is something SOME people feel after the person has hurt someone. No, he has no remorse. What he is saying is that he feels so sorry for and fears for all the other men who have been busted for sexually abusing co-workers and associates and for what they too may soon be going through.

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Many people think the #MeToo movement has gone too far; some think it has not gone far enough. Speaking as a female, I take it case by case. Remember, I worked in a male dominated sports industry for seven years. There were a few lines close to being crossed and there one physical attack. I was also held hostage for a night by someone bigger and stronger than me when I was just 20 years of age after a night of dancing. There were no cell phones back then … just fear.

I am a tough negotiator though. I got out of that house safe and physically unscathed. Emotionally, that was a different story. I had to hold it together and I told no one because I blamed myself for being too friendly and trusting. I was embarrassed and humiliated, and I was haunted by the memory for weeks.

Harvey needs to stop using the word remorse since he has no idea what it means. How did this guy ever get so rich and famous in the first place? He is not smart. Prison I think is going to teach this guy a nice lesson.

I guess it is never too late.