Carson Calm

Mountain living is very peaceful. It is so peaceful it is almost sleepy. Where I live, I like to call it, “Carson Calm.”

The northern section of the Sierra Nevada mountain range encompasses a large community of Nevada and California cities and towns. The two states share Lake Tahoe. California sees Truckee to the northwest and Nevada sees Reno to the northeast. Truckee and Reno connect along I-80. Carson City is one of the shopping hubs for residents of the lake and for towns to the south.

The entire area is low key, especially the city of South Lake Tahoe. These residents will tell you that they are, “On Tahoe time.”

We have bears, coyotes, wild horses and other wildlife. We have earthquakes and avalanches. We have wind gusts that easily move vehicles from one lane to another. It is going to take a lot more than the Coronavirus to get us rattled.

I decided to wait until I did my grocery shopping today before I posted. I wanted to see the shape of the shelves after a weekend of Coronavirus news. This is Carson City … no hysteria here. Shelves were filled as usual, including bottled water. And we have two confirmed cases of the virus in Reno. Calm has still prevailed.
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The entire area did find itself a bit on edge last year when a killer was on the loose, but this is a second amendment state. Every gun was out and ready. California, not so much second amendment, but there are still plenty of guns on the California side of Lake Tahoe.

Here in Carson we are slow to react. I guess that should be expected from people living in a city named after a peaceful running river, the Carson River, which was named after one of the greatest and bravest mountain men ever: Kit Carson. Nope. We are way too chill for the kind of overreaction that is causing more chaos than the Coronavirus itself.