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Money talks and the NHL listens

NHL officials all smiles after roping in new billionaires

    The National Hockey League was the last bastion of genuine goodness in North American professional sports. It had remained earnest and appreciative of being able to just play the game, as other professional sports leagues were selling out to the highest bidders. That gritty attitude came to an abrupt halt around 1995 because, well, money talks and the …

The headlines verify a nation gone mad

Armed protesters take control of Seattle

  Have you read the news lately? The headlines verify a nation gone mad. People are protesting an animated Nickelodeon show about a police dog. Wealthy celebrities who can hire their own security, or those victimized by police, want to defund police departments. Protesters have taken over Seattle. Looters walk off with a $100,000 in merchandise from a Florida Walmart.  …