Done abiding by covid rules

Social distance signs in stores



I so want to say I am done abiding by covid rules. Not because I woke up feeling like a defiant privileged white woman, but because of this BS.


Black Friday 2020 shoppers in Virginia
Black Friday 2020 shoppers in Virginia. Excellent social distancing.


Yeah, these are people who were waiting to shop on Thanksgiving evening. I see a lot of social distancing going on.

Why I ask

Am I doing something that I truly feel is bad for my immune system, wearing a mask, when people are doing this?


Black Friday 2020 shoppers in Texas
Black Friday 2020 shoppers in Texas, again, zero social distancing.

Yeah, more shoppers last night

Why I ask

Has my elderly mother had to stay in quarantine since April because people started doing this?


People defiant of Covid-19 rules
This was April. The “open up” protests were the “close down” for the elderly. Thanks. So appreciated.

Yeah, no germs flying around there.

I am done

Abiding by anything covid at all because the people in these pictures are counteracting my efforts, efforts that are not helping me one bit, and the efforts of so many others. I have been selfless in this cause and for what?

There may be friends or family members who say, well, I am just not going to be able to hang out with you if you are not a mask wearer. I guess then I will see you once herd immunity is achieved.
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I suppose the very few times a month I need to run into a store I will wear a mask if it is required by the business. This is what I do anyway. Everyone I see in stores are wearing masks, yet our numbers in Northern Nevada have been spiking. What does that tell ya? Masks are not working because the people who do not care are super spreading the disease.


Los Angeles airport and no social distancing
Obviouisly covid -19 restrictions are pick and choose. The obedient are harped on daily and the defiant ignored.


This 50/50 country is getting so annoying. The split along party lines manifests itself with 24/7 spewing hate. There is 50/50 covid. Half the people are trying to abide by simple guidelines and the other half does not give a crayon about anyone but themselves.

So sick of it. Actually no, these people are so sick of it, literally.

COVID-19 hospitalizations on Thanksgiving Day surge past 90k for the first time amid the pandemic as the CDC forecasts another 57k deaths in the next three WEEKS and Dr. Fauci warns the US is in for a ‘dark few weeks’

In April I begged people “For the Good of the Game,” to stay put for just a while longer. It has turned out, “For the Good of One’s Self.”

Selfish America. Sad.


For the good of the game
Hockey players with groin injuries who go back to the game too early know exactly what we are going through today in America.



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November yields a record number of covid cases
November yields a record number of covid cases. No big surprise.