A Kind of Great Shake

Last night, Carson City Nevada and neighboring residents had a Coronavirus house-arrest surprise. A kind of great shake. No, milkshakes were not delivered to our doors by the government. We had a strong 4.5 earthquake.

It was originally reported by the Nevada Seismological Laboratory as 5.0, but it was later reduced to 4.5.

I am in the minority. I like earthquakes. As frightening as they can be, I like them. It was a very seismic period during my 15 years at the Torrance Beach in Southern California, so I am used to them. I was there for a 6.7 quake about 60 miles away and a 7.6 quake with an epicenter 120 miles away.

What I am not used to is sitting on fault lines. Much smaller quakes feel bigger than the larger quakes when you are at the epicenter. Being 60 miles from a 4.5 epicenter doesn’t feel so big. Located a few miles away, it is a bigger deal. Ask the folks at Wal-Mart, across the road from last night’s epicenter.

My friend 30 miles away in South Lake Tahoe called me as the quake was ending. He put it as a 4 and I put it as a 5. As much as I like the quakes, I am not so sure I would want to be sitting on a 7.0 quake. The experts say the Tahoe-Reno-Truckee region is behind schedule for an earthquake of that size. The eastern Sierra Nevada range is full of faults, as is Carson City and the entire state.

Most people know Nevada for Sin City Las Vegas. We are quite a distance from Vegas here in Northern Nevada. It is a whole different world. But what people don’t know is that Nevada is the third most seismic state in the country behind California and Alaska.

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Oddly enough, I did not know this when I moved here. I was pleasantly surprised when we had a small quake between Tahoe and Truckee within my first week living in Carson City. I then began researching and learned about my new earthquake surroundings.

We have had a few smaller jolts here in Carson City over the past 12 months, but last night was a glimpse of what could take place in the future. I can tell you; it won’t be fun. This quake was very loud and there was no build up. We heard a bang before the shaking and swaying began. It ended in a rolling motion. I am more concerned for my dogs and cats. They were freaked out, so I do worry about them. My job will be to stay calm and get the doggie door shut so they don’t run out in fear like they were doing last night.

Meanwhile, everyone can sign up at ShakeOut.org and you can participate in your state’s Great Shake Out. It is a yearly drill to practice what to do in the event of a strong quake. Look at that U.S. map and if you are in a high-risk area, I would suggest signing up and participating.

My alarm is set for October 15 at 10:15 a.m. I hope you will set your alarms too.