Watching C-SPAN for you

I have been watching C-SPAN for you. Why? Because our economy depends on what our United States Senate does over the next few days.

Two Coronavirus emergency bills have been sent to President Donald Trump. The third and current bill being discussed, which is the most important to everyday citizens, I fear is going to take much longer to pass than it should.

The Republican Senate will need to bend, or this is going to be a long and dragged out process. Any bill the Republican Senate passes, must then be passed by the Democratic House of Representatives. If this current bill does not include assistance for all Americans, it will be defeated in the house.

Our United States and local governments have shut down our lives. Some may say it was necessary, some may say it was not necessary. Opinion no longer matters. More than 616,000 casino workers across the United States are out of work. Most of them, as well as most restaurant and bar employees, earn the bulk of their income through tips. Independent contractors have had financial opportunities lost or delayed. Other non-protected workers are out of jobs. Heads of households with children are now sitting at home wondering how the family will be fed. Small business owners have been forced to close their businesses down.

The president, who has been addressing this country every day, says this economic crisis is no fault of our own. It is not our fault, so he needs to bridge the gap between the senate and the house and use his influence to get a bill passed as soon as possible. Every person I mentioned above is in need now.

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At this moment, Sen. Marsha Blackburn is talking about China and what she considers its faults. Not sure what China has to do with this current emergency bill. I guess because she is still getting a paycheck, she has all the time in the world to talk about issues not directly related to keeping our U.S. economy and our households afloat.

United States Senate: I implore you to act on behalf of your American constituents and get a bill passed and sent to the house now. The bill must include all Americans who have been put into hardship over the restrictions you have put upon our lives.

Our elected officials cannot pick and choose at this time. There will be time to argue later.