Happy President’s Day

Happy Monday and happy Presidents Day.

Some of you may have the day off. Some are busy toiling away. Mercury went retrograde this morning until March 8, so … hold on to your hats and your electronics … oh, and to your minds.

Speaking of presidents, or the subject of presidents, democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was apparently here in my hometown of Carson City Sunday. I did not know. I would have liked to have gone to his rally. There were animal rights activists present and even a couple of topless protesters, ha ha.

Bernie Sanders is not the best when it comes to protesters. He just hands them the mic. His comment from a story in the Daily Mail was, “This is Nevada. There’s always a little excitement, at no extra cost.”

That was probably the most exciting thing that happened here in Carson City for a while.
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Have a great week everyone.


Girls stole the show