Rise and grind

Like I said, I was ready to go.

So, the way I have coped with lockdown is to keep a steady grind. Like Sunday I said to a friend, well, tomorrow back to the grind.

I work from home, but even working from home, you must have a routine to allow yourself a good grind. It is evident what my primary grind duty is, which is to write. To investigate what is going on in the world. To share what I have learned. This is what I have done most of my life. Now I am simply doing it from my own platform on my own channel.

I am sticking with what I know and using it as a benefit. I not only help you stay abreast with facts, but I give you reasons to laugh and/or reasons to want to strike me, haha. It helps me because being a writer is like being a nurse or a singer or anything else that comes naturally. It is to my benefit when I can be myself.

I know additional activities will be taking place in my life after lockdown, but the Janet Channel is here to stay, and this nasty virus helped cement the deal. There is my Coronavirus silver lining story.

Those who really know me, know that I am not Miss Mary Sunshine. But …. For whatever reason, without even looking, I find the silver lining in everything. It sometimes takes me a while, but it always pops. So yes, for me the silver lining to the nasty virus is the Janet Channel. The virus did not birth it, but it cemented its presence by forcing me to stay in the house and do what I know how to do best. I think my longest known friend Cindy, My Brilliant Friend, would agree.

The other activity helping me to keep a good grind is dancing and getting my steps. I devote 60 minutes a morning to dancing. I take the weekend off from both writing, when I can, and dancing when I can. There are many benefits from dancing. It is a weight bearing exercise that help your bones, heart, brain and your mood. And there is a secret benefit. If you dance high energy, it breaks up belly fat.

The lockdown will be over soon we all hope. Meanwhile, if you have not found a good grind, look for one. Your own grind could help you cope with these last few weeks or so.

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P.S. I am grinding my way to the lake this afternoon for a picnic with my Silver (vehicle). I did overtime grind yesterday to get this written. Cave Rock is calling my name. Oh, and I noticed subscribed emails from this page to my PC do not reduce picture sizes and can mess up the wrapping of text. I will be working on that issue. When I read the same email on my phone, everything is formatted correctly.

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Yes, gorgeous Cave Rock