Done Deal

It’s a done deal folks.

The $2.2 trillion Coronavirus emergency stimulus package known as the Cares Act was passed earlier today by the United States House of Representatives and was just signed by President Donald Trump.

Many people are rejoicing, though some are not happy with the package for one reason or another. That our politicians were able to come together and get this done is not only a miracle but indeed a reason to rejoice.

So, I would like to thank our United States Senate, our House of Representatives and President Donald Trump, on behalf of the American people for putting everything else aside to get this done. The citizens of the United States can sleep tonight knowing that this truly is the greatest nation on earth.

Details on how this package will be facilitated have not yet been unveiled. I remain your eyes and ears and will update you all as soon as any news breaks.
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Stay safe this weekend. Let us all thank our medical community, first responders and last but certainly not least, our grocery and big box store employees, delivery drivers and post office personnel for continuing to be there for us during this crisis. You deserve a special note of gratitude from all of us.

P.S. Happy Birthday Gorgi, David and Bella today, and Colena tomorrow! Hugs and kisses.