A new crack in the road

The Mina earthquakes creates a new crack in the road



Nevada gets a big Friday morning quake and we have a new crack in the road. The Nevada Highway Patrol Northern Command snapped the above picture this morning near Mina Nevada.

California … ??? Earthquakes … California …???

Move on over

Move over California. Nevada is getting ready to take over as reigning earthquake champ. There was a magnitude 6.5 earthquake 20 miles southeast of Mina Nevada Friday at 4:08 a.m. Mina is 100 miles southeast of me in Carson City and it is 100 miles northeast of Mono Lake California where there was a recent 5.4 quake.

The Mono Lake quake swarms just recently started settling down. That quake could have been an unofficial fore shock to the Mina quake.

The Mina earthquake is in the Walker Lane area reported on last month. Mono Lake is also in the Walker Lane area as is Carson City. I  previously reported on the March Carson City 4.5 quake. I was asleep this morning and I did not feel it, but people reported feeling it all over Nevada. A 6.5 magnitude earthquake is significant.

Geologists say the San Andreas fault has a kink north of Los Angeles. These pent up San Andreas energies are creating greater quake activity in the Walker Lane area. Walker Lane runs east of and alongside the Sierra Nevada.

This place is no joke

It is amazing how people in this area are so calm, yet we live in a vortex of sorts. For starters, we are on a mountain range of varying elevations in the middle of nowhere. Any of you ever heard of the Donner Party? They were pioneers who perished in Sierra Nevada snow.

The region lines up like a crooked V, South Lake Tahoe at the bottom end. Truckee on the top left, Reno on the top right. We get regular avalanches and forget when the wind picks up. It is hard to stay in one lane.

And now we are shaking all over.

As I tell my friend in Geneva Switzerland, this place is no joke. The climate, mountains and water drew me to this area. The vortex I felt my first step at Kings Beach Lake Tahoe California sealed the deal.

It was cold, rainy and windy

It had just rained for about seven hours straight in Auburn before I drove to Kings Beach. I finally made it to a parking lot and stepped out of the car. I knew right then this region was the place for me.
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Woven closely together are California and Nevada. And now we are competing for earthquake size. Oy vey!!

*People always ask if I am Jewish when I say oy vey. I say no, but some things can only be expressed with an oy vey.

Have an Oy Vey weekend ❤


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