And speaking of rocks …

And speaking of rocks …

There is definite hysteria taking place here in the United States over the Coronavirus, as folks are panic shopping on both coasts east and west. Medical masks, bottled water and other goods are flying off the shelves in many cities.

There is also hysteria over the United States’ Real ID. Why? Because so many people are comfortable living under a rock, and they don’t know all that is going on in the world until it is too late. And when they learn about something troubling, hysteria takes over.

But hey, don’t get me wrong. My go-to MO (modus operandi) is to place head directly in the sand. I get it. But you gotta come out from under the rock at some point if you want to avoid the hysteria of things to come, like no longer being able to board a plane in the United States without a Real ID or a passport.

Some people are already like, “What!? What’s that? I won’t be able to fly?” And right now, because of the Coronavirus, some folks are just as happy not flying.

The Real ID is not new news.

Before I started reporting on news again, I would go the Daily Mail just to read the comment section of stories. It gave me an idea of what society was thinking. Last week, before the Coronavirus took over the news, there was a story about people freaking out over the deadline to possess either a Real ID or a passport in order to get on a plane here in the U.S.

Folks were losing their minds, and of course, there was the normal stupid talk. Every political association was blamed for the reason behind the Real ID, and naturally there was frantic speech on how to even obtain the Real ID.

The Real ID is not new news.

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The Real ID is basically a United States in-house passport, which doubles as a driver’s license. They are not mandatory for driving but yes for boarding commercial flights in the U.S. Nearly the same vetting process is used for the Real ID as a passport. You must provide a certified birth certificate and other identification to the local DMV and the Real ID is processed with those documents. It is a good thing. It is designed to keep us safe. They were not created because someone is liberal or conservative. Geez …

My early understanding of the Real ID is that some states already required the same documentation for their licenses as the then-upcoming Real ID, so their licenses were going to be fine for flying. Several states did not require that specific documentation, so those licenses would soon not work for boarding planes.

Residents in those non-compliant states have had a choice to possess a normal driver’s license or one with the Real ID star on the corner. The U.S. government allowed states not in compliance a handful of years to get it straightened out, and I know for sure Arizona participated in a wide-ranging informational campaign to get out the word. I had a Real ID in Arizona. I have one here in Nevada.

The Real ID is not new news.

The rock is comfortable until something like this happens. The October deadline is approaching, and many people will now be starting the process of either obtaining a Real ID or a passport and they will likely be in a slow line. Patience will be needed.

Some people, and I had to do this years ago, will be required to obtain a birth certificate that is official from the health and human services department of the applicant’s birth state. That could take several weeks at minimum.

But no need to fret if you start that process now. You have taken the first step by crawling out from under the rock. Hugs ?