I do not eat pigs feet

People grossed out by pigs feet

I inherited my mother’s stomach and I do not eat pigs feet.

My dad used to eat pigs feet and other nontraditional body parts. He tried telling me when I was a kid that chocolate grasshoppers were real grasshoppers. I believed him because of all he ate. It did keep me out of his chocolate box.

Eating chocolate covered bugs is now popular enough to spawn numerous pages on how to cover them and how to eat them. YUCK! They say bugs are a good source of protein. So are beans.

Chinese markets

I was reading about another market that recently reopened in China where all these delicacies can be purchased. Let me just say upfront that this post is not about culture bashing. I understand that all cultures and stomachs are different. But my stomach is queasy with the idea of eating bugs, bats and tongues.

Eating tripe is an acquired taste, and one that I never acquired. Tripe was another one of my dad’s favorites. It is also a Mexican staple for menudo. Sorry … I will take a rice and veggie taco instead.

Sushi is an acquired taste that I never acquired. My dad surely could have eaten sushi, but is raw fish good for you? They say it is. No thank you, I will take a fish stick.

Anthony Bourdain of Parts Unknown ingested everything under the sun. He committed suicide on assignment. If he had brain disease from what he ate, I would not be surprised.

Being vegetarian

I have been vegetarian since March 2004 and would love to be vegan. That lifestyle is very hard to achieve. It was only three years ago that I began to eat some fish again. I do eat dairy, but I try to eat cheese that does not contain calf rennet and I attempt to buy from dairy producers that promise good animal husbandry. It is not always easy to do and I feel guilt over the amount of dairy I do consume.

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Have you ever seen how they treat factory farm animals? If I had to, I could live on pasta, bread, peanut butter, veggies and sugar. Yes, I am a carb girl. I am lucky, I do not need meat to survive. And from what it is looking like, meat is getting harder and harder to find. The prices are also the highest ever. Many may need to learn how to survive without meat in their diets, at least temporarily.

Maybe this is a good time for more people to stop eating animals. ❤

With all the meat packing plants shut down right now because of the nasty virus, I am kind of hoping that meat becomes the new toilet paper and that I might find some TP the next time I am at the store. Panic buying continues.


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