Weekend update March 6, 2020

Weekend update March 6, 2020

First off, this is DST weekend in North America. Time to spring those clocks forward an hour.

I am not a fan of daylight-saving time. Arizona does not observe DST. That is one thing I do miss about Arizona. There are inconveniences with not being on DST. Relatives in other states change their times and it can get confusing on either end. Also, live programming changes times. It is like you are forced into this mental exercise when you did nothing but wake up.

If it were up to me, I would abolish DST, but I do not believe that will ever happen. So, I would even concede to the dreaded 24/7 DST just to get it to stop.

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The Coronavirus is basically now in my neighborhood. There was a case diagnosed in Reno, just a hop, skip and 25 minutes away. I live in a state, Nevada, that is a beacon for visitors. Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. This is a tourist destination state. I am surprised it took this long to get here.

And let’s send our healing thoughts and prayers to the folks in Tennessee who have been devastated by deadly tornadoes responsible for killing 25 and displacing numerous residents.