Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi Gabbard is running for President of the United States. She is a United States Congresswoman from Hawaii. She is a democrat, and not everyone knows her name.

I first came upon Tulsi Gabbard when she was speaking on a political program. I was multitasking and not really paying attention, and then I heard someone say something rational. She caught my attention right away.

She was speaking against a then-current war situation. I don’t remember the exact conflict she was referring to, there have been so many over the past 20 years. I remember it was during the Obama administration, so it was a while ago.

I learned during that interview that Tulsi had experience as a National Guardsman and had completed a tour of duty in Iraq. She has very strong feelings about war. She has witnessed battle destruction and she is willing to stand against useless regime change wars that leave humans living in ravaged and dire conditions … all on the taxpayer dime.

Tulsi has not made it into the past several nationally televised democratic debates. There are polling and funding requirements per debate. These rules have tried to keep her quiet, but she has not given up.

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( I know how Tulsi Gabbard feels about being shut out of the debate. Some would like her in the same Mute Box that I knew so well.)

Two states have already hosted primaries or caucuses (Iowa and New Hampshire) and two additional candidates dropped out after Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

The democratic field is narrowing but Tulsi has not thrown in the towel. A lot of big names and big spenders have called it quits. I plan on voting Tulsi for president whether or not she is on the ballot. I will write her in if she is not named. Nevada caucusing takes place Saturday, Feb. 22, (early voting starts Saturday Feb. 15) but I am registered nonpartisan. I do not get to vote in primary type elections.

If you haven’t checked out Tulsi Gabbard, you owe it to yourself to hear what she has to say. Is she perfect? No. Of course not. Are you perfect? Am I perfect? No. If you are looking for perfection, you will never find it in the United States political system.

But if you would like a sane and rational leader as our commander in chief, check her out. I am not asking anyone to donate. All political candidates, except for some billionaires, need to raise funds in order to campaign, so don’t be offend by the donation section of her campaign page. Just scroll down and read about Tulsi. After that, feel free to chip in a few bucks if you believe she has earned a chance to continue with her campaign.