Photographers: Eyes of the world

Photographers: Eyes of the world

Aren’t photographers wonderful? In a world with so much to see, they capture images of the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. I know a handful of very talented photographers, and I want to introduce them to you.

I have been meeting photographers since I began my professional journalism career. I have had my own fun with photography. I took all my own photos while writing stories for the newspaper. But never was I as talented as the photographers you will meet in this post.

I am starting out with a photographer named Nancy Florence, of My Dream Photography by Nancy.

It was very interesting how I met Nancy, who lives here in my hometown of Carson City, Nevada. I visited the Animal Ark Reno this past June. Housed at the Ark is a big cat named El Santo and he is not the friendliest of jaguars. It was advised by the park volunteer at his enclosure to not go all the way to the glass.

I spent some time photographing El Santo, while learning about him. The feature photo (top) in this story is the dog food bowl with El Santo’s teeth marks through the metal. I took this next picture as he was moving closer to the glass.


El Santo on the move

Suddenly, El Santo came to the glass and hissed at me. I was startled and said, “He just hissed at me,” and a woman who had arrived to the enclosure to snap some photos, said to me, “And I got the picture.”


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He was tired of me

Wow … that was amazing timing and she got a fabulous shot. I started looking at some of her pictures and she takes beautiful photos of not just wildlife, but spectacular objects, and some of her specialties are trains and Nevada’s wild horses. Please check out her work at her Facebook page.

Next is O.J. Callahan of O.J.Callahan Photography from Kissimmee, Florida, whom I have known since my inline hockey reporting days. This guy can take a sports photo like no one else. He also snaps scenic photos and shoots activities including concerts and special/themed events. Check out his work here at Flickr.

O.J. Callahan Photography

Florine Duffield of Sun City, Arizona is woman you want to know when you need to look pretty or handsome for a picture. She takes all my headshots and I always receive compliments on those photos. She is a people photographer and if you are lucky enough to live close to her, take advantage and get an appointment. If you are lucky enough to book a flight, she is worth it.

Check out her personal and corporate work here at Florine Duffield. Below are two of her subjects.

Beautiful models

I know other wonderful photographers who are currently not on the web, but when they develop their sites (Patti, Anna and Terri) I will share their links as they take wonderful pictures of family, landscapes, gardens, wildlife and more.

Keep smiling everyone. You never know when there will be a camera nearby.