A symbol of truth


Is Superhero Wonder Woman a symbol of truth?

What is truth?

I think truth is in the mind of the beholder.

There once was a time

When most people complied with the truth of the land. But that has all changed with our splintered nation. We have become like night and day, hot and cold. Night knows his truth, as Day knows his. The 21St Century may very well go down in history as the time when truth truly became a matter of opinion.

I began to ponder this thought

While on the HBO site. I was searching movies and I scrolled to the superhero section. The most recent Wonder Woman movie was first in line. Under the movie title it says, “A symbol of truth.”


Wonder woman
This picture I found says a spirit of truth, versus HBO saying a symbol of truth. Which is the truth?


But whose truth are we talking about? There is surely someone out there who does not believe this description of Wonder Woman. To that person, this is not the truth. But because the majority might believe it as truth, is this truth now put upon the person who does not agree?

Seems like this is the go-to way for any majority. Kind of like mob rule.

The two truths of this nation

Are politics and covid-19. These two issues have given rise to the two-truth theory. Or should I say, these two issues have exposed hidden truths. Now, however, we must find a way to mesh these truths together for the sake of civility.

I am not optimistic, sorry. And I hope I am wrong. But the division if 50/50 and I really do not see much give and take from either side.

It seems to me that all along since the birth of man, truth has been decided by the majority. I believe any person in any minority or who is repressed in anyway can relate to this statement. People are rising up in all areas as more truths are exposed.
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Unfortunately, people are now screaming their truths at each other … like the other person is really listening. They both have a truth. They both want to be right and above all, they must protect their egos.


Antifa and Proud Boys face off
Both truths matter


So how about this

Since the Jeanie has been let out of the bottle and we have been exposed as a multi truth nation, remember that every single person has a truth. I must remember that as well. A little respect goes a long way. Screaming matches never lead to a blended thruth and right now we need a little blended truth to get us to a place where collapse is not imminent.

Personally, I can say that I have family and friends who think the opposite of me. But we have already learned to not even go there. We have enough to agree upon that we can all remain friends.

So, remember, there is not just one symbol of truth: Your truth is not my truth and my truth is not your truth. But we still must live in the same space. If we cannot agree, can we at least respect?


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beautiful cave rock
This is for sure truth.